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Telesis Pinstamp / Markiersystem

Telesis Pinstamp / Markiersystem TMP 1700/420 | Vintage: 2011

Workshop and business premise equipment


Control: PLC,

Made in unknown

unused (Pinstamp) markingsystem. THe stand is not included with this offer! The PINSTAMP TMP 1700/420 is a pneumatic single needle marker for permanent marking of components with 2D-Matrixcodes and text. Features: Markinghead TMP 1700 - Range: 38 mm x 63 mm - Speed: 6 letters/sec - Position accuracy: 0,025 mm - Marking: 4-79 Punkte/cm - Depth of marks: 0,06-0,56 mm - Max. height of letters: 36 mm - Levelling of surface of up to 6 mm - Materials can be marked: plastics and metal of up to HRC 60 Control TMC 420 - Integrated keyboard - Interface: digital and serial RS232 - 4-lines LCD Display - Memory for 75 marking tasks - 3 Standard-fonts The TMP 1700/420 consists of: Marking head TMP 1700 Controller TMX 420 Cartridge 25 L Marking pin 25 L, Carbide 45° Cable 4 m Hoses 4 m Documentation on CD

Gebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


Condition: Neu
Delivery time: Immediately
Freight basis: EXW (Incoterms 2010) free loaded on truck
Storage location: Stock BTT

Details Telesis Pinstamp / Markiersystem TMP 1700/420

Pictures of the Telesis Pinstamp / Markiersystem TMP 1700/420

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