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MAZAK Variaxis 630 5X II T | Vintage: 2008

Machining Center - Universal


Control: CNC, Matrix

Made in Japan

The MAZAK Variaxis 630 5X II T is a full 5 axis universal machining center with a rotary and swivelling table and vertical spindle. The machine is from 2008 but was installed first in 2010. The x-travel is 630mm, the y-travel is 765mm and the z-travel 600mm. The control is a Mazatrol Matrix. The max. RPM of the spindle is 18000 1/min. The spindle drive has an output of 22/30kW. The maximum feed in x/y/z is 52m/min, the rapid travel x/y/z is 52000mm/min. The max. RPM of the rotary table is 1100 1/min The table diameter is 630 mm. The workpiece height is max. 500mm. The max. working diameter is 730 mm. Max. weight 500 kg. The tool magazin has a capacity of 80 SK 50. Tool measuring is done by a laser system. Tools may have a diameter of max. 80 mm, 120mm with free neighbouring tool spaces. The max. tool length is 360mm and tools max. weight 8 kg. Weight of the machine is approx. 14,5t, required space for the machine is 4200 x 3520 x 2400m. The machine comes with a external chip-conveyor, a pendant hand wheel, a Renishaw probe (spindle), high pressure internal coolant system 20 bar and Airblow system through the internal system to the cutting tool. A Signal lamp in 3 colors shows the current status of the machine. The machine has got an Ethernet I/P Interface.

Gebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


Condition: Gebraucht
Delivery time: To be discussed
Freight basis: EXW (Incoterms 2010) free loaded on truck
Storage location: Italy

Details MAZAK Variaxis 630 5X II T

x-travel 630mm
y-travel 765mm
z-travel 600mm
control Mazatrol Matrix
turning speeds 180001/min
spindle drive 22/30kW
Feed x/y/z 52m/min
rapid travel x/y/z 52000mm/min
c-axis 360.000 x 0,001°
b-axis -120.000 +30.000 x 0,001°
speed of turning table 11001/min
table diameter 630mm
workpiece height max. 500mm
max. workpiece diameter 730mm
workpiece weight 500kg
tool magazin: 80 SK 50
max. tool diameter 80mm
max. tool-dia with free toolbox 120mm
max. tool length 360mm
max. tool weight 8kg
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. 14,5t
dimensions of the machine ca. 4200 x 3520 x 2400m
Tool measuring with Laser
Renishaw probe (spindle)
Ethernet I/P Interface
Signal lamp 3 colors
Airblow system internal to cutting tool
Coolant through spindle 20 bar / 30 l/min
pendant hand wheel
Chip conveyor Hinge Type

Pictures of the MAZAK Variaxis 630 5X II T

Gebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech TransferGebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech TransferGebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech TransferGebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech TransferGebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech TransferGebrauchtmaschinen BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


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